ZCore's strategic plan is aligned with our ongoing commitment to improving products and services. We strive not only to deliver more of the same, but to provide significant advances in the technological field that really make a difference.

Q4 2023

  • Launch of the ZCore Wallet app
  • ZCR listing on Cointiger Exchange
  • External testing of the PIX payment feature
  • Launch of the new ZCR contract according to the vote made by the DAO
  • Launch of the final version of the ZCN Testnet network
  • Demo of the ZCore AI platform on the ZCore Wallet app
  • Implementation of the real burn system of the ZCR token (BSC)
  • Launch of the ZCore AI artificial intelligence platform
  • Official launch of the PIX payment system in the ZCore Wallet.

Q1 2024

  • Development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the app.
  • Preparations for the launch of the Mainnet.
  • Monitoring and support to ensure safe transition at the launch of the main network.
  • Official launch of the ZCN Mainnet on February 29.
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