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Introduction to the ZCN EVM Network of ZCore Network

We are excited to introduce the ZCN EVM Network of ZCore Network, a significant advancement in our blockchain infrastructure. This network represents a milestone in the evolution of ZCore, strengthening our position in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Development and Testing of the Network

The development of the ZCN Network has been successfully completed, and it is currently in the testing phase on our testnet. This allows developers and users to experience the network in a controlled environment, ensuring stability and security before the official launch.

Integration with ZCR Token

One of the most notable features of the ZCN Network is the integration with the ZCR token from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. ZCR tokens will be able to be transferred to the ZCN Network through a dedicated bridge, making ZCR the native currency of the ZCN Network. Additionally, tokens can be transferred back to the BSC network, keeping the total ZCR supply constant at 2.5 billion. This interoperability reinforces the flexibility and liquidity of ZCR, expanding its reach and applicability.

Utility and Value of ZCR in the ZCN Network

In the ZCN Network, all transactions are processed using ZCR, which adds greater value and utility to the ZCore currency. This not only strengthens ZCR's position in the market but also encourages its active use within the ZCore ecosystem.

Compatibility with Smart Contracts and Tools

A crucial aspect of the ZCN Network is its compatibility with smart contracts and tools from the Ethereum and BSC networks. This means that developers and users who are already familiar with these platforms can easily migrate or expand their operations to the ZCN Network, taking advantage of the efficiency and advanced features it offers.

Integration with ZCore Wallet App

The ZCN Network will also be integrated with the ZCore Wallet app. This integration will simplify access to the network, promoting broader adoption and facilitating daily use. With this implementation, the ZCore Network not only expands its technological reach but also strives to make the user experience smoother and more accessible.


The ZCN EVM Network from ZCore Network is a significant step forward in our mission to offer a robust, flexible, and user-friendly blockchain platform. With its integration with ZCR, compatibility with other leading networks, and ease of use through the ZCore Wallet, the ZCN Network is set to be an innovative force in the cryptocurrency universe. We invite our community to actively participate in this exciting journey towards the future of blockchain technology.

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