🟣ZCRAI Solana

The ZCRAI Collection on the Solana network features a futuristic series of 10,000 robots πŸ€–, all meticulously created using artificial intelligence and realistic detailing. This collection is unique, not only because of the impressive design of the robots, but also because of the economic and functional mechanics that integrate tokens and NFTs in an innovative way.

Token and Minting Details πŸͺ™

  • Token: The collection has its own token, used directly to mint units from the robot collection.

  • Total Token Supply: 1 billion tokens.

  • NFT Minting Mechanics: To mint an NFT from the collection, 100,000 tokens are required. By burning these tokens, an NFT is minted in the user's wallet.

  • Total NFTs: The collection is limited to 10,000 NFTs, which implies that, when the entire collection is minted, all available tokens will be burned.

Staking Yields πŸ’°

  • Token and NFT Staking: Both the tokens and the generated NFTs offer yields through staking. Holders can stake their assets to receive additional rewards, thus increasing the value and attractiveness of holding both the tokens and NFTs in the long term.

Collection Advantages πŸš€

  • Innovation and Art: Combination of advanced AI technology with digital art, resulting in robots with an incredibly realistic level of detail.

  • Integrated Economy: The economy of the collection is carefully planned to ensure that the minting and token burning activity is aligned with the appreciation of the NFTs.

  • Community Engagement and Yield: The staking mechanics encourage holders to stay engaged with the collection, providing them a way to earn passive income while actively participating in the ecosystem.

This collection on the Solana network is an example of how creativity and innovation can be applied in the development of NFTs, creating a vibrant and economically robust ecosystem that benefits collectors and investors.

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