Welcome to the future of decentralized governance at ZCore Network. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where every member's voice is valued and decisions are made collectively. Through our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), we provide an innovative platform for our members to actively participate in decision-making.
Decentralized Governance
At ZCore Network, we adopt a decentralized approach to governance. This means that all important decisions are democratically voted on by community members. The key to this participation are the NFTs from the Farm Horses collection, which function as governance tokens. Each NFT gives its holder the right to vote on network proposals.
Voting Platform:
To ensure transparency and efficiency in the voting process, we use the platform. Recognized worldwide for its reliability and decentralization, offers a secure and transparent environment for conducting blockchain-based votes. This ensures that each vote is accounted for fairly and transparently, maintaining the integrity of the decision-making process.
Voting Link :
Empowerment of NFT Holders
Farm Horses NFT holders are not just investors; they are active participants in the growth and direction of the ZCore Network. By conferring voting power to NFT holders, we encourage an engaged and responsible community, where each member has a significant role in shaping the future of the network.
Information about the Farm Horses NFT collection
​NFT Farm Horses​
Transparency and Trust
The use of blockchain in voting not only ensures the integrity of the process but also promotes transparency and trust among members. All votes are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable and verifiable record of each decision made.
The ZCore Network DAO represents a significant advancement in how digital communities can organize and make collective decisions. With the Farm Horses NFTs and the platform, we are at the forefront of decentralized governance, providing a model for other organizations to follow. Join us on this revolutionary journey towards a more democratic and transparent future.
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