Anti-Money Laundering Policy


ZCore recognizes the importance of combating money laundering and other illicit activities, especially in centralized transactions. This policy applies to Pix transactions, which involve the exchange of tokens for money or money for tokens, through the ZCore Network. It is important to note that transactions made through the wallet are decentralized and are not subject to this policy, as they do not go through the ZCore Network.

Monthly Transaction Limit

  • Specificity of the Limit: The monthly limit of 30,000 reais applies exclusively to Pix movements on the ZCore platform.

Stricter Analysis

  • Focus on Pix Transactions: If a user exceeds the monthly limit in Pix transactions, a stricter analysis will be conducted to verify the origin of the funds.

Analysis Procedures for Pix Transactions

  • (a) Declaration of Origin of Funds: Required for Pix movements that exceed the established limit.

  • (b) Income and Asset Proof: Requested to validate the origin of the funds in Pix transactions.

  • (c) Additional Information about the Transaction: Focused on Pix transactions, including purpose and beneficiaries.

Risk Analysis

  • Application in Pix Movements: Risk analysis techniques will be used to identify suspicious activities in Pix transactions.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Data Protection in Pix Transactions: Information related to Pix movements will be kept confidential, respecting data protection standards.

Cooperation with Competent Authorities

  • Focus on Pix Transactions: ZCore will cooperate with authorities on issues related to Pix transactions, in accordance with current legislation.

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