ZCore AI

How ZCore AI Works
Welcome to ZCore AI, an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform focused on creating and generating NFTs. This document provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the platform, maximizing its features and exploring its advantages.

How to Use ZCore AI

Access and Initial Setup
  • Access the ZCore AI website.
  • Connect your wallet on the BSC network.
  • Create and configure your profile in 'Settings'.
Creating AI NFTs
  • Select 'Create' in the menu to start creating AI images.
  • Generate up to five free images, with the limit resetting after each NFT generated.
  • Use the 'Description' field to detail your images.
  • Explore additional options such as 'Improve My Description', 'Real Photo', and 'Use Prompt on an Existing Image'.
  • After choosing your preferences, click on 'Generate Image for AI NFT'.
Generating and Selling NFTs
  • Acquire 'NFT Tickets'.
  • Choose your token and set the number in 'Reward Mint'.
  • After minting, access the Marketplace to sell your NFT.
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